Snow Squalls

We had some pretty intense snow squalls race through our area yesterday.

Last evening the roads and visibility were particularly bad. I had bible study with my small group and was determined to get there. Setting out I was nervous. I consider myself a big ‘chicken’ when it comes to driving in winter conditions, so I choose to stay off the roads. I consider that one less nervous driver on the highways is a good thing.

Blowing snow covered the roads from my house to my destination. Visibility was low. I should have stayed home!

I arrived safely but shaken. I am not comfortable with winter driving. While chatting to my friends, all I could think of was how much worse the conditions would be on the way home two, maybe three, hours later. I decided I would not stay for the study – I wanted to get home safely.

Leaving, feeling a little guilty, I began my journey. Highway one was snow-covered and icey. I decided to take a different route to the one I had driven earlier – which had been AWFUL. My wheels had locked on one occasion and instead of turning right, as I had wanted, the car proceeded to slide through a junction. The road I chose was mostly alongside new developments. I figured it would be safer as more cars travelled it. Wise decision, until the residential development ended and I was on an unlit area where the road suddenly vanished in blowing snow. Headlights made visibility worse, so I proceeded VERY carefully, hoping I stayed on the road. Making it to the side-road I wanted, I turned only to discover deep snow covering my side of the road……..I discovered it was my side of the road when oncoming cars were coming at me – head on!

Thankfully, I made it to the road home. It was a nightmare drive, with snow covered lanes and still blowing snow. Holding my breath, with white knuckles on the wheel, I gritted my teeth and concentrated on the road ahead – when I could see it.

At last – I reached our development. Turning and relaxing somewhat, I determined, there was no way I wanted to repeat this journey the next morning to go to another study – so, told my husband I would not be wanting the car the next day.

Next day – he leaves for work and I look out the window to see a bright sunny, much calmer morning. Do I feel like a wimp? You betcha – but it’s too late to change plans now.

Snow squalls are still in the forecast for this region, albeit they are less intense, while here I am cozy and warm – feeling just a tad guilty at giving up so easily.

Better safe than sorry! That’s my view and I’m sticking to it. 🙂



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