Almost There!


It is almost Christmas.  Pantries are being stocked with goodies.  Gifts are being wrapped with love.  People around us are more friendly – or so it seems.  Perhaps, it is that we are in a better frame of mind as we participate in sharing with loved ones.  Whatever the reason, I love Christmas and I look forward to spending time with children and grandchildren, watching their anticipation as gifts are handed out.  Giving is abundantly good and I derive immense joy as I distribute the gifts that I so carefully shopped for.

I made Christmas cakes this year, as well as chutney and salsa, pickled garlic and hot – hot pickles (for my children with cast iron mouths).  I dislike hot, spicy, peppery foods as much as I dislike snowy, cold wintry weather.

I am enjoying spending time with friends and family and am blessed with many of each.  I pray you will have the blessing of good folk around you and that Christmas will be a time of much happiness as you celebrate Jesus’ birth.

HAPPY CHRISTMAS everyone!!/skyscapes




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