Cold — Cold — Cold

It’s a cold and frosty morning.  We have an icy layer on the ground, as freezing rain arrived overnight.  However, it’s cozy and warm indoors – and I am thankful for that.

We have our Christmas tree up and showing itself off.  Christmas lights adorn the outside of the house and we are just about ready to enjoy this beautiful season of the year.  The birthday of Jesus Christ!  He is the reason we celebrate and, thankfully, it is a time of year that love and compassion abound.  It really is too bad that the rest of the year can be so empty of the caring hearts and attitudes of Christmas.

Let us not forget those less fortunate than us.  Let us put aside our bad attitudes and our unforgiving hearts and make this a joyous time, not only for ourselves but also for everyone in our lives.  Let us turn any cold areas of our hearts into places of warmth and sharing.!/skyscapes



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