What a Day!

Last Saturday, we experienced our first major snowfall.  Squalls coming across and off the nearby lakes caused havoc on the roads, with near zero visibility at times.  It was the one day that we needed to travel (go figure!)  because there were birthday celebrations happening in our family.

So with a deep breath and definitely some prayers, we made our way down the highway towards our destination.  Lo and behold, as we reached a certain point we came out of the storm and the skies were clear and sunny.  Thank you Lord.

The birthday celebrations were noisy, chaotic (at times) but fun.  Many guests caused the riotous din and a good time was obviously had by all.

My husband and I left, leaving younger family friends to party on.  We had a long journey ahead of us and we were unsure of weather and road conditions, so preferred to be on our way.

Our concerns however, were unnecessary.  The skies had cleared and for the whole journey we enjoyed good travelling.  The roads were plowed and we arrived home safely – tired but thankful to be home.

Our young birthday Miss became a year older, with all the pomp her ‘highness’ was permitted.  Grandchildren are such a joy.  We got to be with grandsons who are quiet, studious and reserved as they mature gracefully into fine young men, and a young lady of dramatic personality who took centre stage, and rightly so – it was her birthday celebration


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