It’s a Me Day Today!

It’s a ‘Me’ day today!

No, I’m not being self-centered.  It is my birthday and I have been blessed with reaching my 72nd birthday, and so yes, it will be a celebration.

I don’t FEEL seventy-two; in fact I don’t feel like a senior person at all – but that’s what I am and I have my senior’s government issue card to prove it.

Actually, I’ve had that piece of ID for quite a few years and you know what?  Nobody has ever asked me for it!  I could be deflated over that – it means I LOOK like a senior so no proof is needed.  However, I don’t really care because I enjoy certain aspects of my mature years –  in that trivialities are no longer important.

When I get agitated about something or somebody’s attitude, I simply ask myself,  ‘Does it really matter?’ – and if I can truthfully answer, ‘Not really’ I allow myself an inner contentment that at one time would have eluded me.

Family and friends are the most important and I am blessed to have many lovely people in my life.  So all in all, I enjoy being the age I am and am now going to go and enjoy MY day.

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