I would never have described myself as being a procrastinator.  I like to decide and act.  However, I realized recently that is exactly what I had become – as far as sewing was concerned.

At one time, I made most of my own clothes….but that’s going back a ways!  I silently bemoaned the fact that the only pants I owned that were worth wearing, were past it!  I also knew, I had some newer pants I could wear IF I took out a needle and thread and shortened them.

A dear friend obliged by shortening a pair of jeans and inserting a zipper in another pair of pants; BUT I still had two pairs that I had hidden away – because they needed to be shortened.

Not being able to tolerate my tardiness any longer, I decided over the weekend that I would get these sewing jobs done, then I would have no excuses for wearing the same two pairs of pants continually (after washing of course).  So, I set myself down and got the job done.  Needless to say I now feel liberated and can no longer look at myself as being a procrastinator…… – my wardrobe now sports some new additions that I could have enjoyed much sooner – had I given light of day to my needle and thread.


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