Seventh Dimension – The Door – Book Review

I received a free e-copy of this book in return for an honest review.

The Seventh Dimension – The Door by Lorilyn Roberts, captures your attention immediately with characters that beg to be loved.

Shale Snyder is a young teen who endures bullying at school and rejection at home.  She is understandably angry and confused and her attitude is continually landing her in even more trouble, but she no longer cares.  Her life is not worth living and she hates herself and everyone and thing around her.

One day, in a deep dark depression she meets a dog.  Of course, there is nothing unusual in that, but this dog talks.  It encourages her to follow it and with running away from home on her mind anyway she agrees.

This begins her extraordinary journey into another dimension that is populated with people she knows, but being a parallel dimension, they all have different lives.  Shale discovers it is not only the dog that talks, because she can understand the inner thoughts of every creature she meets.  You will delight in Baruch the donkey: Cherios the nervous rabbit and other kindly ‘friends’, who all love Shale and want her to enjoy life.

In a journey of self-discovery, where she learns to love herself and realizes she has much worth, she finally meets the King.  He lives in a beautiful garden and has been calling to her to come to Him.  Surviving many challenges and spiritual attacks along the way she finally reaches the door and she knows without a doubt that once she enters everything will be different all over again.

I truly enjoyed this fantastical journey.  The characters in her ‘other’ life are good as well as bad, but they each draw from her emotions that are no longer destructive.  She learns to forgive and to love and I highly recommend this book for young, mid and older teens as well as for anyone who delights in a good ‘escapist’ read.

Good read for young or not-so-young!


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