A Great Day!

I had a great day yesterday.  Spent time with two wonderful ladies; had lots of laughs and visiting two very interesting warehouses.

GANZ was one.  It was my first visit and I was suitably impressed with the merchandise and especially the prices.  Soft toys galore:  purses of every shape and size (my favorites); garden knick knacks, photo frames, household items, etc.etc.  Well worth a visit even if you don’t buy.  Check their website for more details.  www.ganz.com

http://www.seacoreseafood.com was the second ‘store’  Fish of every description is available here, plus grocery items and cookware plus much, much, more.  We didn’t buy anything here as it was our first ‘port of call’, but definitely worth keeping in mind for those special occasions, when you can’t find what you need locally.

Between our browsing we stopped for lunch at one of our favorite restaurants.  Swiss Chalet rules!

New places seen.  Delightful company and some very neat gifts purchased.

Hope you have a great day today!


A Stolen Childhood – Eleanor’s Story is receiving final edits.  Yes, I know – it is taking a long time.  I would not want you to be reading anything less than best.  🙂


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