Remembrance Day

Let us never forget the sacrifices of many who gave their lives, so that we could enjoy a better life.

The brave men and women, and in some instances youth, who willingly fought an enemy knowing that they risked their very lives, in order to prevent domination. 

War always rears its ugly head around the world.  Sadly, nations seem unable to compromise; there are always agitators and aggressors who live to hurt and destroy.

Today, let us remember with thanks those who gave their lives, that we may live.

I remember an uncle who served, in the Royal Navy, on mine sweepers through the second world war.  His ships were torpedoed on three occasions – twice they sank but he survived. 

I remember a cousin, who served in the Royal Navy, always prepared to be sent into combat.  Thankfully, he was not deployed but he was willing to give his life, and so I thank him.

Thank you to all of you who serve in the military and in other agencies, where you all willingly work to overcome evil.

God Bless you and your families – today and always.


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