The Carrot Cake Saga

Remember that yesterday, my anticipation and desire to share a carrot cake I made?  This hope was dashed as the cake fell to the floor and broke apart.  My carrot cake taste buds  did not receive satisfaction – or did they?

We visited friends last evening and I was pulled aside and told knowing we would be visiting, a carrot cake had been made for us to share.  She even covered it with creamy cheese topping – just as I had done. 

Pretty neat coincidence (?) don’t you think? 

So, after my sulking that I would miss out on a piece of carrot cake, earlier in the day: my day ended with a substantial piece of a friend’s creation and we even brought home a piece to enjoy another time.

I felt God was looking down saying, ‘You wanted carrot cake?  I’ll give you carrot cake, if that is all you desire today’.

By the way, Linda – YUMMY, cake.  Thank you!  🙂

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