Anticipation Dashed……..

I looked forward to meeting with friends this afternoon and sharing my ‘prized’ carrot cake.  I say ‘prized’ because it took me so long to prepare and it looks, and is delicious – even though I say it myself.

I carefully removed it from the refrigerator, ready to cut enough to take with me, then the unthinkable happened……..the plate slipped and, yes you’ve guessed it, the cake hit the floor at a fast pace.  Dashed to pieces.  Nothing to share, only a floor to mop and a thinking cap on while trying to determine what else I can take. 

The special treat gone, all I can come up with will be arrowroot cookies!  Better those than nothing at all – but…………oh, I miss the anticipated carrot cake complete with nuts and yummy cream cheese topping.  Better luck next time.

My first novel, A Stolen Childhood, Eleanor’s Story – will be an e-book sooner, rather than later………



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