Grace by Max Lucado – Book Review

A lovely read and an easy book to absorb.  Max Lucado’s books are always down-to-earth, relatable reads.  Grace is no exception.  It gives a clear message, explaining how we are blessed with grace in our hearts.  Even those times we feel undeserving and ungracious – when our behavior might have compromised what we think of as acceptance, God still grants us grace.  The fact that we believe in God and His Son Jesus Christ, exemplifies and is, all the requirement necessary for grace to be given. 

GRACE!  It is given many times when we really do not deserve it.  Our parents and other family members and friends, graciously overlook our shortcomings and continue to love us – or tolerate us.  Grace is what they give and grace is what we receive when a prod in the ribs might be more appropriate.  Don’t feel you are unworthy of this gift.  Read this book and you will understand.

I thought my bad attitude or behavior would exempt me from enjoying God’s grace, but He willingly extends this gift to us no matter how many times we slip away.  He never fails to bewilder with His kindness and ability to love us just the way we are.  Grace is what He gives and grace is what grows in our hearts, minds and spirits as we faithfully follow God’s law for right-living.  It is that simple – not necessarily easy – but definitely simple.

I receive books free of charge from in exchange for an honest review.


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