Book Review of The Black Dog by Reverend John R Dolan


The confusion and fear of Reverend John Dolan’s disease is palpable even in the opening pages, as his mood swings from capable and motivated to dejected and reclusive.  The Black Dog is the term he gives to the depression that endangers all that he has accomplished in his life, causing him to feel he is either a fraud or a freak. 

The attacks always arrive unannounced; triggered by seemingly innocuous happenings; a word or facial expression, never making sense but without exception causing him to become a dithering, nervous mess – emotionally as well as physically.

I have suffered depression myself, but only situational, never chronically.  It is difficult to comprehend the devastating effects brought on by this condition, however, step by step within the pages of this easy to read book, you get an insider view of what it does to someone afflicted by it.  With the right support he gradually comes to realize what is causing him so much trauma and with grim determination learns to handle each attack, rather than permit it to take control.

Reading how he transcends the self-loathing through the encouragement of family and his faith in Jesus, can surely help bring the same recovery to others.

Note:  The publisher has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book through BookCrash in exchange for an honest review.



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