Internet Safety for Children

I recently read these tips in a business newsletter, sent by friends of ours who are in realty.  They are basic but could be helpful to share with your children or youngsters in your family.

The online world can pose many dangers for children and the popularity of smartphones and tablets means kids are accessing the web anywhere, anytime.  Here are a few Internet guidelines to share with your children:

  1. Keep it to Yourself – Never give out or display personal information such as addresses or phone numbers on sites or social media pages.
  2. Click Click Boom – Don’t click on unknown downloads or attachments as they could be inappropriate material or a virus.
  3. Facebook Never Forgets – Material on Facebook is recorded and archived and even if it’s removed, someone may have already taken a screen shot.
  4. No Photos Please – Don’t post photos of people unless you have their permission as they can be shared and downloaded by others in an instant.
  5. Communication is Key – Cyber bullying is an issue that can quickly escalate so ensure your children talk to you immediately if they feel victimized.
  6. peeping.tom – Don’t allow your kids to meet up with anyone they’ve met online and remind them that people may not be who they say they are.

In today’s world, children access the Internet from places other than just the family room so it’s best to establish a mix of rules, levels of trust and open communication rather than simply relying on parental software.  You’ll be better able to protect your children from online dangers if they feel they’re able to come to you and ask questions.  (Reprinted with permission of Sheila Krasowski and Stephanie Miller, Caldwell Realty, Barrie)

Sometimes children will take more notice of somebody else – so please use as you need to.





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