Today, I am trying very hard to change my attitude.  I feel as though I have been pulled through a dark cloud.  Depression does that and it is only by working diligently, and choosing to think positively, that I can lift myself up again and move forward.

I’ve kept relatively busy making preserves, which at least kept me focused and working.

Today, I will be making deep dish chicken pie…….I have a very simple recipe that uses phyllo pastry, chopped cooked chicken, condensed mushroom or chicken soup for the sauce, chopped carrots, onions and whatever other veggies you enjoy.  Line a pie dish with about six layers of phyllo pastry, fill with chicken and veggies (pile it high as it softens when cooking and will diminish) then pour on enough soup (un – diluted) to bring level with sides of dish.  Brush edges of pie with egg and place three layers of pastry on top (brush with egg between layers so it will stick together).  Trim edges and check the seal around the dish – you’ll have sauce leaking out if the edges are not properly sealed.  Cook at 375 degrees for 35-40 minutes – or until pastry is golden brown and ingredients are hot.  Easy to do!  Delicious to eat!

Soups, quiche and pies are my favorites to make.  They are satisfying to prepare as well as to eat.

Enjoy your day!



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