Another Visitor to our Garden

When my husband and I, first moved to this park, we envisaged seeing more birds than we had seen when we lived in town.  The first year was disappointing – we actually had fewer sightings, despite having a variety of bird feeders and baths dotted around our garden.

This past year has been better.  In fact, we have been wowed with visits from American Goldfinch, Robins, Chickadees, Brown-headed  Cowbirds, Woodpeckers, Bluejays, Nuthatch and more.  Yesterday evening we couldn’t believe our eyes, as looking out to the bird feeder station a falcon was sitting atop the feeders.  How cool is that?

We assume it was an American Kestrel and not a Peregrine because of its size – looked to be about 12″ head to tail. 

We live in southern Ontario and are surprised more and more by creatures being seen this far south.  I made mention of the report of cougars being seen – close up, so there was no doubting the report and it was substantiated by wildlife specialists in the area.  This past week a moose was spotted crossing fields just a few miles west of here!  ‘Scuse me?  Yes, a moose!  (Innisfil Journal, September 13, 2012).

Black bears have been seen just a field away from where we live too – you might think we are living in the northern wilds of Ontario, when in fact we are less than an hour’s drive from Toronto.

I was always drawn to live in, and experience the wild areas of this beautiful province but never did make the move.  It seems I don’t have to dwell on that any longer, because the wilds of Ontario are moving south to be close to me!

That’s all, folks.  Enjoy your day and try to relax over the weekend!


Will Eleanor ever be ready?  (Eleanor’s Story – A Stolen Childhood)


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