Basking in Relaxing!

After many days of caring for my husband, during his recent illness, I am basking in the bliss of quiet times again.  I have accomplished very little as far as writing is concerned: I needed to focus on the recovery of my ‘other half’.  This involved trips to the hospital and to our local urgent care clinic, as well as to our family doctor……it seemed that each day supplied a new ’emergency’ and I had to remain flexible and move ‘at the drop of a hat’ if needed.  Therefore that has been my focus.

Now that challenge has passed, it is particularly important for me to re-focus how I spend my time – I do not want to waste it, however, I have given myself permission to spend each day ‘gently’.  We slept little over the last while and I feel as if I am drained of energy.  Jim is back to work, thankyou Lord, but is still on antibiotics to completely ‘zap’ the infection.  The prescription I have given myself is to spend each moment only doing what is necessary around the house, while more essentially allowing myself to return to our regular normalcy slowly, after all one can only bask while one is relaxed, so that is what my focus is:  I will relax and take each moment as it comes, making the most of it but not in an excessive manner. 

Does that make sense?

I hope you are basking in the sunshine today and that your life is more relaxed, if you too have experienced unusual stuff in your life.

‘Scuse me, while I bask!

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Author of Eleanor – A Stolen Childhood (in pre-publication


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