What a Week – Making Light of the Situation!

The past week has been challenging.  No, perhaps, exhausting would be a better term to use.  My husband suffers bouts of cellulitis.  Typically, after 24 hours on antibiotics he is well ‘on the road’ to recovery.  This time he has not responded that way.

However, two hospital trips, numerous doctor telephone calls and one urgent care clinic visit later – oh, not to mention changes of antibiotics after the initial  intravenous doses did not work as hoped: he is still enduring the discomfort of a very swollen leg and foot.  Admittedly, the redness has decreased minimally but there has been nowhere near the fast recovery he normally experiences, plus he is no longer complaining of the groin and lower back pain.

He has been unable to work, which has an impact of a different kind.  Being self-employed I do not really have to explain my meaning!  Do I?

Our hope is this second round of intravenous treatment will work and he will return to work soon!   He is becoming BORED and not a little frustrated at unable to work.

We have a visiting nurse who administers the solution – well, until yesterday that is.  He is now on a pump which automatically issues the required doses on time through a 24 hour period.  Neat, huh?  No having to remember to take the tablets!

Now though, he cannot shower easily – the bag containing the pump cannot get wet and well – figure that one out for yourself – standing on one leg while holding the bag, leaving just one hand free to wash a body would be a challenge.  It is not one he is willing to try – I know – I’ve asked him!  There are ways around that dilemma, that I will not enlighten you on here!

So, meanwhile, he’ll just keep on taking the meds and hope for normality to return quickly.

I’ll try to blog more – it is easy to become distracted with company around.  Writing and housework tend to be put on a back-burner!  Anyway, all we can do is keep smiling and that we are doing.  This blog is not intended to be negative: it is an update from me to anyone reading it as a justification for not being current.  Now it is – kind of – and rest assured, we are doing the British ‘stiff upper lip’ thing and making the best of what could be far worse!

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