Back Again!

It seems that so much has been happening recently, that I haven’t kept up with my blog.  Don’t ask me what has taken so much of my time, because I really cannot tell you.

We had a wonderful weekend for the August ‘long’ weekend.  Spent time with sons Iain and Anthony and their beautiful families.  Saturday was a family bbq with them all, along with Margaret from England.  Sunday we were at Anthony’s house with his family and Margaret too!  Both days we were treated to lots of conversation, good food (bbq’d chicken and planked salmon) and family time.  Some of my very favourite things to do!

Tomorrow, sees the repair on the roof.  The storm that recently whipped through here tore up a part of the eavestrough and it is this that will be removed and repaired.  Sigh – that will look much better!\

Hope all are enjoying this fabulous weather………..everything in the garden is looking rosy too!

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Eleanor’s Story – A Stolen Childhood is in pre-publishing stage (doesn’t this take for ever?!!!)


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