Another Snippet!

Okay – so you read the first page of Eleanor and it didn’t ‘grab’ you?  How about this snippet?

She typically put on her favorite music to calm herself.  Recently though, she found she couldn’t even listen to the music of her childhood without a myriad of painful memories rising up within her, evoking tears and trembling as well as immense anger and anxiety.  She long ago, buried them and she knew without any shadow of doubt she certainly was not healed from many of them.  Her father’s betrayal of her trust still hurt.

She could still feel his eyes leering at her in his drunken moments. He was her father after all, and she could not understand at the time why he made her feel so uncomfortable when he did that.  When you cannot trust the people closest to you and feel relaxed around them, how on earth were you to know how to develop healthy adult relationships?

She still struggled with the closeness of friendships.  She was afraid to trust.  It was much safer to not share your inner thoughts, much better to leave them where they were.

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