Tired of Waiting for Eleanor?

Friends, family, followers of my blog and email receivers, must wonder if my first novel Eleanor actually exists.  I have been showing it in my signatures for a while now.

Well, it is real!  It is in pre-publishing stage – it is just that I underestimated how long the editing, etc. would take.  So please hang in there, because it will become reality…………………..until then, here is a sample.

Eleanor’s Story

A Stolen Childhood

Chapter 1


Eleanor received strong inner promptings to write her story!   She shrugged it off as just a silly notion that should go away and leave her alone, however she began to write and as she committed the words to paper more flooded into her mind.  Good memories as well as the not so good, but she continued to record it all and then duly filed it away and forgot about it.

Sometime later, she was reading The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton and the story to all intent and purposes is about her!  How extraordinary! 

She felt a deep connection to the character in the story, and more and more the comparisons between herself and Nell really did give her the impression it appeared to be all about her!

The place was the same.  She also spent many years in Battersea.  In her mind’s eye, she could visualize many of the places described in the book.  It all seemed so real.

She was intrigued by these coincidences and she turned the pages back to read the inner cover. The book was written the same year she was urged to write her story.  Now her interest was really piqued. She couldn’t wait to find out if there were more similarities. Was there a purpose to all these revelations?

Perhaps there was no significance to it but she certainly did feel a renewed interest to resurrect her own story.  Memories were bursting forth and she could no longer control the eruption.   Blocked for so many years they were now refusing to stay buried. 

The shadows of her childhood years seemed determined to explode out of the prison of her mind, and in so doing they exhausted and drained her.

She arrived in the chaotic early days of the Second World War!  The family lived in the centre of London, which was a favorite target for Luftwaffe bombing raids!

She survived many traumatic times in her life; an alcoholic parent; abuse; homelessness; unemployment. Emotionally, she was often confused and displayed an apparent lack of purpose.

She married young.  She wanted to leave home. Her parental family life was not only challenging but also dysfunctional, and as she progressed through life, she realized in retrospect that her adult years were often just as impaired and ‘war-torn’ as her childhood.

She tried to understand what was happening, but clarity eluded her as she became steadily drawn to face the ugly ‘ghosts’ of her past: casting everything else aside. What was it that caused her so much grief?

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My First Novel – Eleanor’s Story – A Stolen Childhood (in pre-publication stage)


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