Quite a Storm

After a really long, hot, dry start to summer, we were hoping and praying for rain.  The gardens need it and the farmers desperately need it.

Storm clouds had gathered on more than one occasion, only to dissipate or drift by without offloading the moisture they contained.  This changed on Monday, when – very rapidly – storm clouds gathered overhead and a colossal wind gusted through our area with torrential rain accompanying it.  Our prayers for rain had been answered, but as the storm passed, we discovered damage to the roof of our home and a large tree sporting two huge limbs broken – snapped like matchsticks. 

We lost power thereby telephone, internet and television all GONE!  The first two were restored the next day and the latter today.  My husband – a keen tv watcher is now a happy camper!

We await quotes for repair to the roof – actually eavestrough and gutter protector – all ripped up and back.   One chappie wanted $350 just to come and look!  ….scuse me? 

So while we wait for repairs, we are thankful that we are OK and our property damage is minimal compared to some resident around us.  Some had trees fall on cars and houses, causing more damage than we received.

Today, the sun is shining – as it has since the storm; and the air is buzzing with chainsaws and shredders as teams of workers clear the mess left behind.

Yes, we are thankful for small mercies and feel for those who suffered much more.

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