Stupid is, as Stupid does!

Remember in Forest Gump, when he relates ‘stupid is, as stupid does?’  My other half said he felt that way earlier today. 

We rented a compactor to compress screening on our patio.  Jim brought it home on Saturday and later, when he wanted to use it, did all the things the rental guy had told him – but the machine refused to start.  It whirred and died, whirred and died as he continually pulled the cord.  Frustrated (and not a little annoyed) he to forego that part of the work, being content with levelling the remainder of the area. 

He returned the machine today, vowing to stand his ground and not pay for a machine that did not work.  The rental employee helped get the machine out of our vehicle (very heavy piece of equipment) and Jim said, ‘OK, start it’.  The employee obeyed and did – start it that is.  Confounded Jim retorted ‘how come it wouldn’t do that for me?  There was no life in the thing at all’.  ‘Well’, the response was, ‘did you follow all the instructions’?  All that your guy gave me, Jim replied. ‘And did you turn this start button’? he asked………what start button?  Jim answered…………………………………

Kindly the store did not charge us for the machine.  It’ll be coming home with us again next weekend and I think we’ll get more work done with it than last weekend!   🙂

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