Grieving God’s Way by Margaret Brownley – Book Review

Losing a loved one throws you into a place full of empties.  There is now an empty chair at the table.  And there is one unoccupied seat in the living room.  There is no other adult partner in your home to share your day with, andthere is an even bigger empty place in your heart.  I love the term Margaret Brownley uses on page 13 of Grieving God’s Way, where she tells us that heartache is love that has nowhere to go.  That would certainly explain the wrenching pain that invades you to your very core.

Her book contains touching devotionals along with bible passages, as well as contributions of Haiku (seventeen syllable verse) by Diantha Ain.

So how can you endure the pain of loss without becoming completely overwhelmed by the very real pain you feel?  How can you attend funerals of others, and pay your respects while fighting against the urge to dissolve into tears, as memories of the farewell to your own loved one threatens to erupt out of your heart, turning it into your own personal time? 

Truly you cannot, or should not prevent the tears nor be ashamed if they do flow.  Nobody else would know they are not tears shed for the family you are supporting in their grief.  Would they?

Grieving God’s Way comes alongside you and gives you gentle nudges onto a new path in life: one that will eventually lead to hope and healing.  She gives you God’s Way to handle it, versus how humankind thinks it should be done.  You will not find any of those `get over it’ or `time to get on with your life’ suggestions.  Margaret does refer to them, but every time she does it is with God’s way to manage, and it is never hurtful.

Margaret has suffered the loss of a son, so she does know what a roller-coaster ride you are on.  She tells you how Teddy Bears and warm fuzzies can be a comfort (Chapter Four).  How sweet memories can move you through the pain, and how to look after yourself while travelling on this difficult road. Importantly, she encourages you to believe in the healing power of prayer.

I think that if you know anyone grieving the loss of a loved one, be it from death, divorce or separation, there will be words of comfort for them in this publication.   So should you want to help and cannot always give them your time, I think the very next best thing would be to give them a copy of this book.  If nothing else, it will show them they are not alone in their anguish and it might very well be just the tonic they need.

I receive free books from Booksneeze, in exchange for an honest persoanl review.

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