A Perfect Day

My day has been busy.

A friend wanted help with planning a flower bed asked for my suggestions for perennials.  Two other friends came along and we all drove to, first my friends house to measure the bed we had to fill; then to a garden centre to browse and to shop.

One of my greatest pleasures is visiting garden centres: invariably at least one plant jumps into my arms, begging to come home with me.  Today, however, I behaved because I was on a mission.  To help create a colorful informal flower bed for somebody else.

We traipsed along the perennial aisles, choosing first tall plants then grading down to front of the border plants.  All went very well.  It was great to pick up the floral beauties and put them on to the cart, again, and again and again……….

We actually filled two shopping carts and then meandered to pay for everything. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the freedom to select from the many varieties available; envisaging them growing and gracing the front of my friend’s house.  I enjoyed even more, the creative exercise and getting to cash where it didn’t cost me a cent!

The planting will be done and I promised that I would return (afterwards) to inspect!  Cheeky huh?

Such a perfect day! 

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