Writing, Writing and More Writing

Today I have spent a great deal of time, catching up with writing devotionals.  I was burdened, earlier in the day to complete devotionals, and so that is what I did.  Now that I have caught up with them, I can spend time on my latest novel (Priscilla – Hidden in the Shadows). 

The writing is easy, it is the editing and meeting criteria for publication that takes time: but I need to persevere, otherwise there is no point to all the work I put in to it. 

The day, here in central Ontario, has been cool compared to a week ago and so I was all the more driven to complete work indoors.  When the weather warms up again, I will want to be outside working in my garden, which still needs a lot of work.

We bought this home less than two years ago and the previous owner preferred to let plants, bushes and trees do their own thing: consequently the flower beds were a tangle of overgrown everything!

It has taken time to clear them and begin to give the beds my own touch.  Weather plays another role.  It either makes or breaks your efforts.  It can be too hot: too wet.  Plants get too much heat or an overabundance of water.  That is part of the joy of gardening, it continually stretches your limits of patience and will.  Perhaps, that is why I love it so much, because it is never finished and always challenges your creativity with something unexpected.

The garden is a gift that I have been blessed with.  Just as the birds bless my senses with their presence and their song, my garden blesses my creativity and endurance.








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