Kindle Success!

What’s new and exciting?  Well……………..let me think!

I managed to download a book to my Kindle for the first time yesterday!  YEAH!

You can laugh.  This is all new to me and it was frustrating me immensley, when I could not figure out the procedure to do this.  It is actually very simple.  It was more that I wanted to control every step when all that I needed to do was tell the website which book I wanted.  This wireless stuff bewilders me, but I find it exceptionally interesting and a new challenge to become familiar with. 

I chose the book I wanted and plugged  my Kindle into the computer!

Then I patiently waited for something to happen!

Nothing did (or so I thought) so I attempted to buy the book again, only to be told ‘you have already purchased this book’.  Check in archives to see the download!  Huh? 

So followed a pressing of buttons until I found archives – did not even know it was there!!!!  Yes, there is was, the book I had purchased.  I felt exuberant!  Yeah – I did it, I shouted, when in reality I had done nothing, because (I think) it had all been accomplished wirelessly, without any button pressing by me!

However it got there, I can now put a mental check against that ‘box’ – one more thing I can now do.  Ain’t life grand?  There is always something new to learn and to do.

Have yourself a wonderful day!  Enjoy this glorious weather and stay hydrated.  (daily devotionals)


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