You Can Laugh! I Don’t Mind!

In a period of less than a week, I have been thrust into 21st century technology.  I had been an email buddy, an internet user, a book reviewer, a web-published devotional writer, a blogger and a novel writer.  I thought I was pretty well up there (you know, up to date) with my computer and cell phone.

My little in-a-box technological world changed this past week.  I became the owner of a Kindle (1st prize in a Blog Hop contest/draw) and then presented with a brand spanking new laptop computer (well, my husband and I were, I should say). 

I excitedly proceeded to register my Kindle only to be asked for a wi-fi connection!  A wi-fi  WHAT connection?  (Oh, you can laugh, all you in-the-know people).  Thankfully, our son and daughter enlightened us and gave us a lesson in wireless technology, over the weekend.

We had to acquire a wireless modem for our computer and proceed with all the necessary steps and ‘voila’ we were told ‘connection successful’.  Wonderful!  We were terribly excited – we’re now part of the present ‘techy’ world with numerous (or so it seems) cables to charge this or download that.  Connect to this and that.  I have a cable around my neck while I charge my computer, then wonder what the cable around my neck is for!  Oh, yes – my Kindle needs charging – or was it my cell phone?

To think I can use all these items and not plug them in – except when they need charging – is a little bewildering, BUT I have been told that I will get used to them, and I’m sure I will.  Now what was I going to do with this other cable; what does it belong to?


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