Heaven in Her Arms by Catherine Hickem – Review

So, in Catherine’s words, why did God choose Mary to raise His Son and what does it mean for you?  Get this book and find out for yourself.  Catherine has given a wonderful inside scoop on Mary, the mother of Jesus!  Get to know her in a more intimate way, while you learn from the wisdom and the professional expertise of psychotherapist Catherine Hickem. 

She was a child herself, when an angel of the Lord informed her that she was to be the mother of Christ!   It was a moment of disbelief, but also one of complete surrender and obedience.  So begins the story of Mary, the mother of Jesus!  Her life changed radically from that moment, as she began the journey of motherhood.

Many times she could have thrown up her arms and declared, ‘I can’t do this, you expect too much’, but she did not.  I see her as the epitome of grace and a true child of God.  She trusted Him completely, even during the turbulent times of Jesus’ life.  She is never heard complaining and yet her heart must have been pained many times, only then to be eventually torn apart when she looks upon the crucifixion of her beloved son.

Catherine Hickem book gives a very personal account of Mary and of her life and I had a sense of truly getting to know her, as well as understanding many of the trials and joys she experienced.  Mothers everywhere can read this book and identify with Mary.  They will also relate to Catherine’s own family challenges, because they are as real as our own ups and downs. 

Take a walk back in time and get to know Mary.  Be thankful for God in your life just as she was for His strength in hers.  Walk her path and share in the stories of other women, who have struggled and then overcome trials and tribulations that have a tendency to beset family life.

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