I have come to realize (am I a little slow in this?) that when I am in a writing mood; housework and every other mundane daily task is an intrusion or unnecessary distraction.

I cannot keep words flowing if I am  contemplating which chore needs doing next – so, I don’t do any chores!  I write, while I can.

No fancy meal preparation takes place – ask my husband, who very tactfully accepts the (sometimes) meagre offerings I present at the dinner table.  Once the writing mood passes, I become creative in the kitchen and prepare ‘real’ meals again.

I got a thought (well done, Patricia) that creative juices are often absorbed or destroyed by the mundane mediocrity of life.  So out with the menus, I’ll stick with putting words down on paper – because if I don’t, then I just forget them.  So I put aside all things mundane – very willingly I must admit, and capture the thoughts as they pop into my head!  Once that is done, I can concentrate on other things…..oh, alright, and housework!




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