What’s New?

The ‘May 24’ long weekend has come and gone.  The weather was spectacular with sunshine and temperatures soaring into the twenties . 

I couldn’t help but think of all the eager travellers who had made the journey to cottages, cabins or friends and family, to enjoy beautiful lakeshore views and lush hiking trails and green space.  Places to soothe their city-weary souls. 

My husband and I, often lament that we have no such place to travel to – BUT, in reality, we are already there.  We live north of the big city of Toronto.  The city from which thousands make the weekly pilgrimage, just to enjoy a more natural outdoors:  we consider, we are already ‘at the cottage’, living where we are.  We are steps from the lake and woodland: close to small city amenities and community activities, if we choose to participate, and have space for family and friends to visit and stay a while. 

So – what did we do this past weekend?  What was our relaxation?  We got out into our great outdoors to WORK! 

Jim began levelling ground for a new patio and dug a trench to accommodate an underground pipe, to take away water from one of our down-pipes, the flow from which always floods pathways.  I dug a border for a flower bed we have at the back of our property.  We (I) have never really liked the untidy look of it: it contains (or rather it contained) a mass of everything imaginable growing in it.  So now, I can look out and see…….well, a defined flower bed and I like it!  It is still a work in progress, but it is beginning to look good!

Was it hard work for each of us – OH, YES it was!  Was it worth it!  Yes, every grunt and groan, ache and pain!

So, what’s new with you?

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