The Great Migration

It has started!  The great migration North!

All the stressed-out city dwellers are heading North to savor some R&R.

This weekend cottage owners open up their rural paradise with the expectation of a wonderful summer season of time away from the hurley-burley of city life.

I live at a halfway point!  To all intents and purposes, I am already in cottage country.  I get to watch the highways become clogged with traffic each weekend; as folk head into the beautiful near North to laze or to enjoy the many hiking trails, lake fishing, swimming (if you can tolerate the cold water right now) and other pursuits available.

In the the winter I watch the same migration, as skiers and snowboarders travel to the resorts close by, to enjoy snow (brrr) sports, but this time of the year it is for warm blooded creatures (like me) to get out and just enjoy the fresh warm air and freedom from heavy clothes and boots.  Definitely, my time of year.

So, to all you great migratory folk – drive safely and with consideration.  Arrive ALIVE to enjoy your time alone, with family or with friends.  Soon enough, you’ll be heading back South into the city craziness!

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