What a Day!

Butterfly Kiss

Wow – the sun is shining and the air is WARM!  The birds are singing and squirrels are frantically rummaging in the flower beds, looking for hidden morsels.

My book edits are gradually becoming less and less!  Amen!  I’ve said before and I will say again, the writing was easy, the edits and the tidying up seem endless!

But, as in all things, practice makes perfect (or close to) and it is out of respect for others taking time to read, that I write!

I want to thank everyone who voted for my photographs, in the Bruce Grey Simcoe Contest.  The results will be published later in May 2012.

I want to thank dear friends, who are helping me along the road of editing!  Their help is invaluable.

Most of all, thank you God – for a perfectly beautiful day!



Author of:  Eleanor’s Story – A Stolen Childhood

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