Wasp Nests

Last year, we had a number of wasps nests, around our home.  This year we are attempting to reduce that number by hanging paper wasp nests at advantage spots around the house.  They are, apparently, effective.

My husband hung four, one of which, being very close to the wall kept tapping it, in the breeze.  I found it a little annoying – yes, I know, it’s only paper, but I’m very sound sensitive!

When I commented on it yesterday, my husband said, “Honey, it’s only paper, how much noise can it make”?  yeah – yeah – yeah!

Today, a couple of the nests came down – there must have been some pretty strong gusts of wind flying by.  One of the two is – you’ve guessed it – the tapping wasp nest!

I have to hope my husband does not think I was instrumental in making it fall!  I had nothing to do with it!  Honest  🙂

more at:  http://pepeprays.wordpress.com

Author of:  Eleanor’s Story, A Lost Childhood



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