The Beauty Book by Nancy Rue – Book Review

The Beauty BookAttention Young Teens!  Do you have oodles of questions that nobody seems able to answer?  Questions such as:

How do those girls on Seventeen get their perfect complexions?  Can I get one too? 

What’s going on with my body: I’m changing?

Chemical what?  Why do I have chemical anything, in my body?

You will find answers and many helpful hints, along with encouragement galore in Nancy Rue’s, The Beauty Book (The Lily Series).  It is written for young ladies aged seven and into teen years. 

She’ll certainly educate you in the nicest possible way.  No critical peers giving you poor advice!  The book contains gentle, sensible advice that I doubt, any parents would find offensive.  It contains Q&A format with quizzes and illustrations. 

No book ever contains everything you need to know – but this one could come close for many young gals. 

I had young ladies in my own family in mind, when I chose this publication for review.  I’m glad I did, because it gave me insight into the challenges young girls deal with these days.  My teen years are long gone but this book was a real eye-opener as to the present-day concerns young ladies worry themselves about. 

Personally, I found it a little ‘old’ for seven year olds – but then it could be that I’m completely out of touch with the reality young girls have to deal with these days.

I receive free copies of newly published books, from BOOKSNEEZE.  In agreeing to read and review the contents I receive the book, at no cost to myself. to find out more.


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