Just Try!

 Aaah!  The windows are open wide and it is pleasant.  No cold air blasts of sub-zero temperature.  Perhaps, this time the warmer temperatures will stay.  I do hope so.

I’ve managed to do some gardening too!  I feel quite a sense of accomplishment because, last year I was recovering from shoulder surgery and was limited in gardening activity – as in NONE!

I’ve got seeds planted, ready to transplant new perennials into flower beds.  I am attempting heritage perennials, as I love the fragrance and beauty of them. 

Gardening is a continual experiment just like life.  You try something new and hope for the best, thinking you are doing the right thing; sometimes the results are spectacular, while other times the results are less appealing. 

All we can do is try!  So, if you’re are struggling just try something new (legal, ethical and moral).  We can so easily become bogged down with gloom and despondency, then the sun shines and everything seems better. Easier to deal with.

Enjoy your day!  Smile 🙂  Go ahead – just try it!  🙂


Author of Eleanor – A Stolen Childhood (excerpt) – She easily cried now, when she listened to the songs and music she once loved, because she missed the emotional warmth they once evoked in her heart.  Instead of feeling comfort and a sense of love all she felt was anger and it was a deep anger bordering on rage……

check my entries in the www.brucegraysimcoe.comcontest.  Please feel free to vote if you like either or both photographs.  Pg 1 – After the Storm.  Pg.43  Hurray for Summer.


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