I’m Back!

Make Space for New Space!

Here I am!  For no particular reason, I took a week off!

I think my brain needed a rest from the continual workout I had been putting it through.  My novel, my book of devotionals and a short story – all are still in need of edits and fine-tuning……….writing is the fun part………editting, is like mathematics as far as I’m concerned; both can be dull and demanding.

I have cooked and cleaned.  I have planned my garden and ordered seeds.  I have big dreams for our flower beds; now all I need is energy and strength, as well as $$ to to bring those dreams into reality. 

What is my ‘other half’ doing?  Oh, just planning, preparation and eventual creation of a new patio to replace the one damaged by the enormous poplars that were cut down last year! 

Methinks, I prefer my tasks!

One step at a time – it will be done!

Hope you are enjoying the warmth today – we had hoped for a little of the rain that was forecast, but it did not visit here.  Perhaps today will bring some refreshment to the garden.

Enjoy your day!  🙂


www.devotionalchristian.com  (daily devotionals – Darkness into Light)


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