Simple Secrets to a Happy Life by Luci Swindoll – Review

To live life to the fullest, try to keep it simple. 

Be diligent, honest, caring and above all love one another.  Be willing to try something new often.  Share your blessings with others.  Nuggets of wisdom overflow, in this publication and give you an insight of the larger than life character, Luci Swindoll has always been and still is.

After reading Luci Swindoll’s book, Simple Secrets to a Happy Life, I feel the above synopsis encapsulates the messages given in this down-to-earth and easy to read book.

Taking each of the fifty steps, and applying the principle to the way you live your life could very well change forever, you way you live.

She has been inspiring readers for many years.  She speaks for and on behalf of Women of Faith, where her sharp wit and her wisdom have drawn many devoted followers.  Her humor must be heard to be believed!  She can be hilarious!

 Luci writes with empathy through life experiences, and with a deep understanding and love of and for God. 

 Chapter topics covered are Let People Know You Care; Keep Your Word Every Time; Focus on What’s Important Now; Allow Yourself to be Sad; Communicate Often with Loved Ones and many more.

I receive free books from in exchange for an honest review.


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