Awareness – Renewal!

After a few days of much cooler temperatures, we are now basking in 11 degrees, here in Ontario.  However, the sun is revealing more and more projects around the house, that need some TLC! 

Lighter clothing also reveals bodies that need some TLC after the cold months, when heavy sweaters hide a multitude of other layers!

Cleaning, cleansing, dusting, dieting…………we’re receiving messages about diet programs or cleansing programs; programs that will give us the best return on our investments or ultimate benefits for our bodies.  Methinks, Spring itself, brings about renewal of all kinds.  We think differently, when warmer temperatures waft through the window and the sun is higher in the sky.  We open our minds and breathe deeply, thankful we have the summer months ahead of us, and thankful that we have the freedom of choice when it comes to making changes, of any kind!


Oh – and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Kelly and Tracy!



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