God Loves Broken People by Sheila Walsh – Review

In Sheila’s words – ‘it felt like a long, drawn-out fight’.  For her it was in writing this book; for me it was in identifying some of the battles I have had to fight through my life, within its’ pages.

It was in empathizing with the struggles of the broken people who were willing to share their stories, and in seeing how, in all instances, words from the bible gave each person much needed strength and perseverance to overcome their pain, whether emotional or physical.

I realized long ago that if I had chosen to live my life according to the guidelines (or suggestions) given in the bible, my life could have been much different, just as Sheila shares the way the positive reinforcement of God’s Word gave her the reassurance and determination she needed.

Within the pages of this book are examples of broken lives and recoveries.  There are bible passages to help anyone grow through the difficulties of their own life. 

In addition there is an excellent bible study, which gently guides the reader to discover biblical text that will challenge individual beliefs, will answer questions and encourage open discussion, in order to further understand how we are broken and how the Bible can assist in recovery and growth.

Sheila writes with a gentle but determined empathy.  She guides the reader through the pages with encouragement leading to a willingness to face their giants of life, head on!

A good read, as well as a powerful tool that easily draws you into the bible where can be found the spiritual and emotional mentoring many of us need, whether we know if or not! 

 More can be found at: http://pepeprays.wordpress.com



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