Open 24/7

Are you weary?  Alone?  Hurting?  Dejected?   read on……………

The Bible can help!  It is the only source of help we need and it’s available 24/7

Check it out!  Go to and for everyday language,  choose the New Century Version or The Message and read the following verses for ‘whatever ails you’.

Tired?  Isaiah 40:28-31 or Matthew 11:28-30  –  trust God‘s ever present strength

Lonely? Psalm 27:7-14 – We’re never alone when God is in our life

Sick or in Pain?  Psalm 6  –  Comfort is assured that is beyond our understanding

Dejected or Rejected? 1 Corinthians 13 – will give you an accurate perspective on what love is or should be

The encouragement to be found in the Bible is constant!  The advice is relevant no matter when you read it, no matter why. 

Patricia Day


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