Meeting Myself – Snippets from a Binging and Bulging Mind by Brenda J. Wood – Book Review

I have to admit I found reading this excellent little book, very hard.  Why?  Because it is telling the story of a dear lady battling through a real-life tragedy!  An eating disorder!

I came to the end of the book, with very mixed feelings.  How on earth can one keep their sanity, while dealing with such an immense ‘monster’ in their life?

Brenda shares her battle and her eventual success over her illness with gravity and a light spirit – and it is definitely a story of inspiration.  If you know anyone suffering an eating disorder, or if any of you are dealing with this sickness yourself (and nobody knows about it) PLEASE read this book and see how it can be overcome, a little bit at a time.

I know Brenda, and you would never guess she had endured so much in her life, as a young gal and woman.  Her sense of humor and her drive for life and all things ‘writing’ are an encouragement as well as a joy to behold, despite knowing (even better now) some of the sadnesses and traumas of her life.

Check out her website:

or for purchase this gem of a book for yourself or someone you love.


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