The Legacy of Family!

In order to constructively use my time, I have started a new writing project.  I am compiling letters to my grandchildren sharing my thoughts and snippets of family history.

Don’t you find, these days with families living so far from their parental homes it can be a challenge to share family history with the younger members of the family.  To tell them about their family roots and keep them informed of family in other parts of the world.

Yes, we’re all still a part of the same family but it can be hard to feel a part of each others lives the way that you’re supposed to feel about your family.  We all live so far away from each other that our day-to-day activities remain in the home (which, don’t get me wrong – is fine – I am NOT a person who demands to be ‘in the back pockets’ of my children). 

Everyone is busy in this stressed world!  Children’s activities create more busy-ness and yet, with all this hussle and bustle, I am so thankful to be a part of each of my children’s lives, and to able to spend time with them without having to leave my country to do so.  I cannot imagine how difficult it must be to be living thousands of miles apart! 

SO-ooooo – I am glad to see them whenever I can, even if it is not as often as I would like.  They know they can call on me when they have a need and they equally know how very important they each are, and time spent with them is very precious!  I’ll take what I can get and be thankful!

The letters to each of my grandchildren will be a sharing as they grow.  A sharing of the legacy of their family!


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