Good Neighbors

Cold Comfort

Saturday the 28th of January, was a day like no other. 

We had journeyed to attend the wedding ceremony of a dear friend.  The weather forecasters had issued conditions that were questionable; snow, blowing snow,lake effect ‘streamers’ causing whiteouts, high winds too!  Personally I anticipated the journey with dread – not the destination!  Highway travel in bad weather conditions is never appealing and I admit to not being a good passenger!

The wedding was wonderful!  The meal delicious!  The whole time with our friends was delightful, and it was a joy to see their happiness as they embarked on a new journey of life.

The return journey was less than enjoyable!  We had been on the highway for a while when we encountered almost blizzard conditions – we could not see the road ahead and everyone was still travelling at high speed!  I prayed and my husband looked anxiously for an exit, where we might safely stop for a while until conditions improved.  That did not happen – everything was a white blur!  We continued driving until we reached familiar surroundings where we were able to breathe a sigh of relief, because we were closer to home and an exit.

We were ten minutes from home and I commented on how well my husband had driven the distance we had travelled, and that it was reassuring to be so close to home (thankfully)!  BIG mistake!

We turned onto a side road just blocks from home, when heavy snow started again.  The wind was so strong that the blowing snow obliterated the road and within seconds we were on the wrong side of the road and sliding into a ditch!

The car came to rest in the snow and we were well and truly stuck!

Fortunately we were able to call our auto club for assistance, then we just had to wait and hope nothing more would happen.  We were not injured – the car had slipped off the road too gently for that.

The wait for help would likely be an hour we were told – so we ‘hunkered down’ and waited.  During that wait, we lost count of the many wonderful people who stopped to inquire if we were hurt; did we have a cell phone to call for help; could they do anything at all for us?

After forty minutes or so, one gentleman stopped and said he was sure he could pull us out, if we were willing to let him try!  Absolutely!  He attached a strap and told my husband to reverse slowly, when he gave the signal.  Slowly, ever so slowly, he did it!  We were back on the road and there appeared to be no damage to our car.  Praise God for good people!

In minutes we were home; after our rescuer had followed us a short distance to make sure all was well. 

We were and are very thankful for all the wonderful, caring folk who took time to check on us!  Good neighbors indeed!

So to all you good Samaritans, if you get to read this or check facebook – who stopped to help on 9th Line in Innisfil on Saturday evening, January 28th – THANK YOU, so very much for stopping!




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