Shoe Repair, Anyone?

Well, I must be somewhat dumb!  Here I have lived in Canada for ‘umpteen’ years, and all this while I thought a utility bird (chicken, turkey) meant one that was possibly missing bits!  I had no clue that it meant a bird of indeterminate age that became shoe leather, if you roasted it!

I bought a turkey recently that was an excellent deal.  That should have been a clue to the fact that I would NOT get a first class roasted dinner from it.

I spent hours preparing stuffing and diligently rubbing the turkey with herbs and seasonings.  Roasted it for the appropriate number of hours and brought it out of the oven, left it to ‘rest’ and proceeded to carve it.  More accurately, I should say ‘attempted to carve it’.  My sharpest knife had a challenge cutting through the leather-like bird.

With sinking heart, I served it hoping it would taste better than I thought it might.  I was wrong!  So today I bundled all eight pounds of it into a large stock pot and it’s going to become turkey soup.  Perhaps, that was all it what meant for in the first place!  I did not know that!  NOW I do!

So-oooooh, does anyone require a shoe repair?  I’ve got a cheap alternative to taking them to shoe repairers!  I’ll just watch out for the next ‘utility bird’ sale, and ‘voila’ I’ll become your shoes’ best friend by giving them a reno job at very little cost to you!   🙂

Have a ‘s(o)uper’ day everyone!  🙂


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