My Pity Party!

I am confessing to being very selfish!  I’ve just realized I have been ‘enjoying’ a pity party, at the expense of one of my cousins!

One of my dear cousins, a vibrant and confident and beautiful lady, has just been informed that the cancer that has spread inside her body cannot be stopped by any treatment.  She has just a short period of time to live, weeks at the most, maybe just days! 

I was angry when I heard the news.  It’s not fair, I thought!  We can’t spend any more time together!  We won’t be able to visit and reminisce about the years we have shared! 

She has taken the news in her usual stoic manner.  She had bile duct surgery for the removal of cancer last year.  She was told all the malignancy had been removed and she was clear!  Recently she began experiencing pain and was unable to eat, due to nausea and it was determined that the cancer has returned and is in her liver and pancreas..  She was taken into hospital just prior to Christmas, where she remains. 

She has accepted the news with courage and strength beyond imagining. 

She rests on God’s Grace and on His Will. 

She has, from day one, bravely dealt with treatments, surgery and discomfort simply because, that was what she had to do.  She recovered wonderfully well from the bile duct surgery and regained her energy and mobility.  Now she has been struck down!  There is no recovery promised and still, she is reassuring others and inspiring her visitors with her upbeat attitude. 

The rest of us, are reeling from the news, and yes, like me are having a pity-party.  Seems to me that she should be the one doing that, but she is bravely ‘facing the giant’ before her, with grace and a calm that goes beyond understanding.

So, I will pick up my flapping bottom lip!  Quit the tears and anger and thank God, that my cousin has been promised complete freedom from any more pain. 

Pity party over!  Time to take the next step and like her, be brave!

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