Healing is a Choice – Review


I get books free from Booksneeze, in return for an honest review.

The power to heal is within each one of us.  It is a matter of choosing to want to become well.  The difficult part is deciding that we will let go of the hurt, the regrets and the pain.  Where there is anger we need to let peace in.  Where there is despair, we need to let hope visit and stay a while.

Stephen Arterburn, gives clear and concise steps for us to follow to help change our thinking and our life.  The challenging part is to decide to try them.

Having recently faced up to some ‘giants’ of my past; I found this book helpful in making me aware that I had not completely let go of some of those ghosts.

I particularly like his segment on having ‘The courage to take risks’.  He presents a list of suggestions for us to use, in an attempt to change where we are.  The ideas encourage and motivate a willingness to try something new.  It is helpful, in and of itself, and it certainly aided me in creating a list of my own. 

A heart or a spirit that has been hurt in the past, is not always aware what is needed in order to heal.  Having a list to follow, assists greatly in maintaining focus which then helps drive one forward to energetically reduce the number of things to do.   

There is also a workbook included, which further aids in recognizing areas needing change.

If you are on a path of healing, this book can definitely assist in changing some thought patterns that may be hindering your growth and recovery.

Well worth reading.





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