Heaven is for Real/Todd Burpo-review/354

I review for BookSneeze®

Colton Burpo had to have emergency surgery: while under the anesthetic he ‘left’ his body and was taken on a journey beyond the operating theatre! During the operation and before he regained consciousness – little Colton was given a glimpse of heaven!

Any doubts or fault-finding will likely be set aside once you have read this delightful book and Colton’s gradual recall of memories made during his visit to heaven. How could anyone not believe this small boys’ account of the people he had met; the encounter with Jesus; seeing, hearing and meeting angels; sensing God in His magnificence, “God is really, really big”, according to Colton.

Was this truth or just story-telling by their little son. How can a young child be anything but truthful – when their mental capacity is ‘tell it as they see it’ – that is why words just fall out of children’s mouths without any thought to tact or diplomacy – you get an honest account of what they think!

I loved this book! I long to see what Colton saw! If you are not a believer in God, Jesus or anything heavenly – might I suggest you read this beautiful account of things that could not possibly be manufactured by the mind of such a small child. You never know, it just might convince you to believe in things unseen: who knows how many dimensions there are in our universe, we certainly do not – all we know is what we see and what scientists tell us.

I received this book FREE, from BOOKSNEEZE,  in return for an honest review.   http://booksneeze.com

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