Christmas Cake – yummy!

I feel that I’ve been “somewhere else” – because I haven’t written anything here for a while.  I’ve been busy doing other things (obviously) – catching up with friends and family members, plus making and baking christmas cakes – I have an absolutely easy recipe for a delectable fruit and nut cake – (only delectable if you like fruit and nut cake); although it has a long list of ingredients the steps to mix the cake mixture are easy to follow, and the results of your efforts have to be tasted to be believed.

It has become a tradition, that I make up this recipe and then each of our children get a cake as a part of their gift at Christmas-time; and as the mix gives me five cakes, there is one left for us!  Yummy!

I’ve been making up this recipe for, oh probably, six years – I got the recipe out of a magazine – which was already old when I got it – I’ve improvised a little but am always delighted with the results.

Recipe available for you begin your own tradition – send me your request and I’d be happy to share it (friends and family only please).



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