Never Assume Anything!

Stump Shaving

The poplar trees have gone (hooray): the stumps are practically cleared and there are woods chips and filings galore, to be cleared.

When we originally got approval for the removal of the trees, we were told that the “park” maintenance team would cut them down but that we were responsible for getting rid of the stumps.  Once that was done then the “park” staff would come back in and topsoil and re-seed.   We assumed we were responsible for removing the massive amounts of wood chips and shavings as nothing was mentioned about that ‘chore’: the company removing the stumps had given us an excellent price based on us bagging and them hauling everything away (if needed) – so we were content  with that agreement.

We had already got rid of seventy garden bags when the “park” staff arrived with a front end loader and began hauling away some of the remaining shavings – they wanted it cleared so they can schedule to come back and topsoil to areas of our choice.  Well – I’ve already said we thought we were responsible for the clearing ‘chore’ but nevertheless, felt very blessed that we were getting this help which was, beyond our expectations.

I guess, when the Manager said ‘clear the stumps and we’ll do the rest’, he really meant get the stumps ground down and we’ll clear the mess before we redress that area.  Wonderful!  Like I said earlier, never assume anything!

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